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Saturday, April 18, 2015


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A new Tradition

Atelier Di Donato

The Italian Violin Makers Tradition represents one of greatest cultural, artistic and craft treasure of our Country.

Di Donato Guitars takes up this legacy but tries to realize innovative instruments able to inspire Players and to amaze Listeners.

We want to give you an exclusive and reliable instrument, ready to attend him in every situation and able to materialize his Emotions.

Those who have played it, found it alive. We don’t declare this but we suggest you to try it, even coming to see us in our workshop.

Di Donato Guitars is located near the unique Barena of Venice, that we invite you to explore.

Good journey!

See you in Berlin at "The Holy Grail Guitar Show"!

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Dal 30 maggio al 1 giugno saremo presenti all'Acoustic Guitar Meeting a Sarzana (SP).

Vi aspettiamo al tavolo n°25, secondo piano zona torre. Non mancate!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

the European Guitar Builders is proud to announce the best Guitar Show in the World: the Holy Grail Guitar Show.


The European Guitar Builders is an alliance formed by professional independent European luthiers.

We are dedicated to support each other by sharing knowledge, resources, and experience in order to preserve and innovate the art and craft of guitar building in Europe as a vital part of our musical culture.

We strive to support musicians in expressing and developing their art through collaborating closely with them, thereby fostering the European musical culture.

We want to promote sustainable development, ecologic awareness and economic growth in an ethical way. A major goal is to educate consumers about the values they support by their choices and how this impacts the goals of the association.

In order to achieve these goals the association will create and maintain a strong presence in the Internet and Media and organize an annual international guitar exhibition: the Holy Grail Guitar Show.

Stay tuned and spread the Word, because it will be The guitar show in the next future...

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