Di Donato Guitars was born several years ago as a workshop for the craft and repair of classical string instruments near Venice, Italy. A few years later the workshop moved to Padua.

Here, all by himself, Enrico Di Donato still makes one instrument at a time, a tailored suit dedicated to each Customer, always remaining faithful to Tradition but without neglecting modern materials.

For Enrico Di Donato the guitar must be an object capable of transmitting emotions at all times: since when it is played to when it is placed in the case or hung on the wall like a work of art.

His instruments were presented at the most important trade shows around the World: from Frankfurt and Milan to Berlin and Los Angeles, and they were also exhibited at the Art Basel in Miami and at the National Guitar Museum in the United States.

“Enrico, now I got it! Now I understand how to adjust action! It’s a very smart solution but still sophisticated…Genial! I love the details of my Di Donato Guitar!”

P.M. – São Paulo, BRASIL

“…It is my second Di Donato Guitars and, if possible, it is even better. Really wonderful job! All the requested features are here in my hands…the colour is just perfect and the flame of the wood literally jumps out. Thank you!”

J.W. – Pennsylvania, USA

“Hi Enrico, the guitar is just arrived and just looking at it I think I bought a Pagani car! The carbon fiber and the metallic finish are absolutely perfect! I have to understand the sounds of the 6 positions switch but the look and ergonomics are superb! Thank you!

S.W. – Frankfurt, GERMANY

“Dear Enrico, the guitar is one of the best I have! Everything about it is crazy. The shape is so simple but elaborated, too. The six position switch is very useful and the electronic design is absolutely brilliant! Thank you very much, I am blown away!”


“Touch down! The guitar has arrived in great shape. It is beautifully designed. I love the balance of the weight considering the hollowness of the design. The sound, too, is awesome as well… I love this guitar. Guitar stays in tune well! Radius of the neck suits my hand perfectly. Noiseless pickups! I will share some video and info soon. Thanks for everything”

R.Y. – Texas, USA

“OMG, the guitar is amazing! The sound and the resonance are terrific and the craftmanship is out of chart! I love your pickups, even if they are single coils they are very quiet and super responsive…I fall in love!”

H.P. – California, USA

“Hi Enrico! This guitar is magic! I have many but this is my finest. I’ll send you a recording soon…You are an amazing guitar builder”

P.O. – British Columbia, CANADA

“Hello Enrico, the guitar is wonderful! Not only is the design unique and elegant but the craftsmanship is superb. It is effortless to play, comfortable and it sounds perfect for my style of playing. It responds quickly to aggressive pick attack. Did you make the pickups? The middle position on the switch sounds very cool! Is it the two pickups out of phase? Probably the best nasal sounding tones I’ve heard – much fun! I also love the knobs – very unique and beautiful!
Congratulations and good luck with your guitar making. I’m happy to have discovered you!

J.T. – New Hampshire, USA

“There are many people who would build guitars, and there are few who craft dreams – Enrico is one of those people. Through his vast knowledge of musical instrument construction, woods, electronics, and various other areas of expertise, Enrico was able to bring to life the vision I had of for the guitar. Enrico is a great listener, and leaves no stone unturned. Also, he does not take “it cannot be done” for an answer! For example, during the building process there was a specific element that I wanted to achieve where he could have said “sorry, that just cannot be done”, and I would definitely have understood and said “no problem” – but no, Enrico tried and tried again… until he got the result he was after! A quick word about Enrico’s wood selection: the woods he selects and uses, whether figured or not, are not just “great”, they are all “amazing pieces” and definitely sublimate the instrument’s potential. Finally, I would like to say that Enrico is a wonderful luthier and human being, and that it was a real pleasure and satisfying experience to have a guitar project with him. I highly recommend Enrico’s work if you are looking for an instrument that would be unique, superbly constructed, and offer a unique sound.

G.B. – Switzerland