The story

The starting idea for this installation was to create a “POP” representation of the concept of Evil and Good, Hell and Heaven.
At that time I really liked the artistic interpretations on the theme that artists such as Mike Mignola and David LaChapelle had made, even if in completely different fields.
The use of color, almost excessive, very “POP”, and of the decisive features, almost carved in the rock, seemed to me to be interesting and useful for my purpose.
For the occasion I asked for help from the Venetian artist Susanna Fiori who, among other things, also teaches at the art school in Venice. This is to have a comparison on some ideas and to have an opinion on the fact that the representation was not too banal or already seen.
Thus, together with the fresh minds of the Venice art school, we developed the two installations. Starting from sketches and scattered ideas, with the supervision of Susanna, we arrived at the definitive versions.

The backdrop of chapter 1 is therefore very linked to comic representations, with a frame that appears to be almost animalistic.

The guitar was made with a very old piece of wood that belonged to some construction element of an old deconsecrated church in Venice. This piece of wood has been given a particular finish, obtained by burning it heavily and then creating flames with gold leaf and pieces of flamed maple.
The bridge has an old nail driven in, with a curious “S” shape, like the initial letter of …

The Heaven Chapter is much more colorful and POP. It is a mix of sensations and an involvement of the senses. not only sight but also touch and smell, with flowers and very soft scented donuts …

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