BGS Tour 2021

Super happy about this 2021 Boutique Guitar Showcase Tour! Thank you very much to Jamie Gale Music for their amazing work! Honored to share the events with so many amazing luthiers! Find the place near you: 08/21 Walt Grace Vintage - Miami 08/25 Lark Guitars - San Antonio 08/28 Martin

Guitar Magazine Laid Back

It is a great pleasure and honour to have my guitar Eudemonia reviewed in the last issue of the Japanese Guitar magazine "Laid back ".I am extremely grateful to Kaz, Eiko and Akiko at Jersey Girl Homemade Guitars for the support in this article and for being continuous inspiration with

finding inspiration*

Inspiration comes from the Latin "inspiratio" which literally means "breathe on" and originally represented inspiration as something divine, like a breath that descends on the person who receives it. In this sense we usually speak in the Bible of inspiration from the Prophets or the Apostles. In ancient Greece the